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Wandiredja & Associates team members are registered tax consultant and also experienced accountant based in Jakarta, Indonesia . Nico Wandiredja is a founder and set up the firm in 2014 and we have quickly grown our number of clients by providing high client satisfaction in every engagement.

We give excellent tax services that are comparable with the top tax consultant in Indonesia. We are an Independent Tax Consultant, so we can provide the clients with a lower cost base and provide a flexible and competitive fee structure.

We provide all tax services including tax compliance services, tax dispute resolution (tax audit, objection, and appeal) and also tax diagnostic review and also provide other related services such as assisting on tax refund, tax advisory, and also tax training services.

Our advisors will support as a team to make sure our clients satisfied with our services and also we have a commitment to continue investing in our team to be able to provide excellent services to our clients.

We have expertise in Taxation and Accounting Services

Our Tax Services

Comply with current tax regulations is foundation to avoid any significant exposures and administrative penalty for all tax payer in Indonesia.

Our Team will provide you Monthly Tax Compliance services including calculating monthly tax obligation covers withholding tax reports and value-added tax reports to meet the requirements in tax regulation.

We offer you innovative solutions to get effective and efficiency for every clients to ensure that our clients are satisfied with both the quality and value for money of the services we provide.

Indonesia operates self-assessment basis and follow with tax audit and verification process, also sometimes facing different interpretation from tax regulations during the process.

We are able to represent you in Tax Audit, Objection and also Tax Appeal. We will review the documents before submitting to tax auditor and also liaise with Tax Auditor during the dispute process.

In the event the audit process is not favorable, tax payers can submit objection process and we also can assist the clients during the objection process. We also able to assist the client in tax court to get the favorable result in tax appeal.

Our experiences handling tax dispute, make we understand the common audit methodology in tax audit process.  We can provide diagnostic review of your tax obligation in order to know potential exposure and also potential tax savings. We also able to assist you to do due diligence process to understand the business process and potential exposures for Target Company.

Sometimes, the company are unable to avoid overpayment position and asking for refund to tax office.

In relation to this, we are able to represent the clients in restitution process including but not limited to VAT and Income Tax. With our excellent experiences, we will assist the clients in order to get the favorable result in the process.

Our Clients

Currently we are serving more than 100 corporate clients in difference range of industries
including local and multinational clients. Such as :

Serving more than 50 companies on retail industries

Serving to Multi-Level Marketing foreign company

Handling more than 10 IT companies booth local and foreign company

Provide full tax services to foreign content company

Providing tax services for Public Listed Company in Shipping Industries

Assist on tax due diligence for the purpose of acquisition

Provide services to more than 5 Representative Offices in Indonesia

Provided advisory service to foreign investor company

*The list of current clients can be provided upon request

Our Team


Nico Wandiredja

Nico Wandiredja is a founder of the company and he is register as tax consultant in Directorate General of Taxation C level.

Prior to setting up his own Tax Consulting Firm, he was with a consulting firm for 10 years with PB Taxand. In addition, he also spent sometimes with one of Indonesia’s biggest company group Astra International. He has experiences assisting with various tax services including advisory, compliance issues, due diligence reviews and structuring for clients in various industries in Indonesia.

He is a fully qualified and registered tax consultant and tax court attorney, able to represent taxpayers in discussions with the Indonesian Tax Office and in appeals to the Tax Court. In addition, he holds brevet C certification which allows him to assist all taxpayers including the multinational company in Indonesia.



Megawati has spent the last 10 years as a tax consultant. He was an associate manager in Harsono Strategic Consulting. She is highly experienced in tax compliance services. During her career as a tax consultant, she has assigned to handle many multi-national clients with a wide variety of industrial sectors, including manufacturers, automotive, and also constructions company in Indonesia.


Budi Darmawan

Budi Darmawan is Chartered Accountant (CA) with over 15 years’ experience in accounting services. He focuses on providing accounting compliance for the client and has many experiences for clients in various industries in Indonesia.
Budi, holds CA licenses from IAI Jakarta and it enables him to provide acconting services to all clients .


Ratna Puspita

Ratna has more than 3 years’ experience with our firm and currently she focused in compliance services. Previously she joined another tax consultant in Bekasi and later joined with us tax consultant. She graduated from LP3I majoring in Accounting.


Selvia Magdalena

Selvi has 3 years experience with our firm and currently she focused in compliance services. She graduated from Trisakti School of Management Majoring in Accounting

Our Experiences

Recent examples of our tax services experience include:
    • Managing restitution for a PMA company and local company with a highest amount
      achievement of IDR 28 billion.
    • Performing tax review for a multinational company during tax amnesty and prior tax audit
    • Assisting an Indonesian FMCG company to acquire a book value approval decision for a
      merger transaction matter.
    • Assisting a leading automotive company in Indonesia in obtaining an exemption letter on
      import tax.
    • Handling retail company which has branch all over Indonesia.
  • Preparing Corporate Income Tax Return for many kinds of companies in Indonesia,
    including but not limited to Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution, Banking,
    Insurance, Shipping and Trading.

Art 21 Income Tax Update PP 58 Year 2023

In order to in line with the mandate of Law No. 7 of 2021 Harmonization of Tax Regulations (HPP) and simplify the witholding tax calculation on Art 21, Indonesian Government issued Government Regulation No. 58 (GR-58) regarding Article 21 income tax rate on employment, service, and activity income received by personal. Minister of Finance also issued Minister of Finance Decree (“MoF”) No.168 for the implementation guideline for GR-58. Following are the critical points to be aware : §Monthly Article 21 withholding tax calculation for January to November is to be performed using an effective tax rate (ETR), which classified based […]



Pada Tanggal 21 Februari 2022, Pemerintah menerbitkan PP No. 9 Tahun 2022 tentang PPh Jasa Konstruksi yang memperbarui PP No 51 Tahun 2008. Berikut beberapa update terkait hal tersebut : Perubahan Klasifikasi Tarif dari sebelumnya 5 jenis tarif menjadi 7 jenis tarif. 2. Dijelaskan pula mengenai definisi “Sertifikat badan Usaha” dan “Sertifikat Kompetensi Kerja”. Sertifikat Badan Usaha adalah sertifikat yang dikeluarkan oleh lembaga sertifikasi yang dibentuk oleh asosiasi  badan usaha yang terakreditasi oleh Kementrian PUPR dan dicatat oleh LPJK; lembaga sertifikasi yang diakreditasi oleh menteri yang menyelenggarakan urusan pemerintah dibidang  energi dan sumberdaya mineral; atau menteri yang menyelenggarakan urusan pemerintahan[…]



On September 2021, The Directorate General of Tax  (DGT) appointed WeTransfer BV and OffGamers Global Pte Ltd as the collectors of value-added tax on trading through the electronic systems (PMSE) for digital products sold to consumers in Indonesia. Currently number of collectors of value-added tax on PMSE has reached 83 enterprises. All these enterprises are now collecting value-added tax for digital products and services that they sell to customers in Indonesia. We believe that the number of VAT Collector on PMSE will continue to increase in near future. Some conditions that trigger for DGT to appoint international sellers or providers[…]


Potongan PPh Pasal 25 menjadi 50% Per Juli 2020

Pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2020, Menteri Keuangan kembali menerbitkan  110/PMK.03/2020 (PMK 110) atas Update Peraturan Nomor 86/PMK.03/2020 (PMK 86) tentang insentif pajak untuk wajib pajak terdampak COVID 19. Point perubahan yang penting adalah kenaikan potongan angsuran PPh Pasal 25 menjadi 50% dari sebelumnya hanya 30%. Ini mulai berlaku untuk masa pajak Juli 2020. Namun demikian, meskipun ditetapkan pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2020, namun Peraturan tersebut baru disosialisasikan pada tanggal 22 Agustus 2020. Sebaliknya, jatuh tempo pembayaran PPh Pasal 25 untuk masa pajak Juli 2020 jatuh pada tanggal 18 Agustus 2020, karena tanggal 15 Agustus 2020 jatuh pada hari Sabtu.Terkait dengan[…]


Update Insentif Pajak Terkait Pandemi COVID 19 86/PMK.03/2020

Pada tanggal 16 Juli, Menteri Keuangan menerbitkan  86/PMK.03/2020 (PMK 86) atas Update Peraturan Nomor 44/PMK.03/2020 (PMK 44) tentang insentif pajak untuk wajib pajak terdampak COVID 19. Hal ini dilatarbelakangi untuk membantu proses pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional dan membantu masyarakat dan pengusaha yang terdampak wabah COVID 19 di tahun pajak 2020. Di dalam  PMK 86 ini terdapat beberapa point perubahan sebagai berikut : Perpanjangan jangka waktu pemberian insetif dari Masa September 2020, menjadi sampai dengan Masa Desember 2020; Terdapat perluasan Klasifikasi Lapangan Usaha (KLU) yang menerima insentif dari list PMK 44; Khusus insentif PPh Pasal 21 hanya perlu diajukan oleh Pusat dan[…]

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